Explore our Summer Series of Past Years

Northwest provides a Themed Summer Series of Lessons from Ministers from around the Area. Check out the different themes and listen to these speakers present their topics. 

  • 2020 Summer Series- Summer in Psalms

    Hear A Series of Talks on Chapters in the Book of Psalms

  • 2019 Summer Series - The Home

    Our 2019 Summer Series is about the home. "The home" often means different things to different people. For some "the home" is a place of comfort and love and for others it's a place of turmoil and anxiety. Our families often look different than other families. Some marry and have children, others remain single, and there are variety of other family structures. Yet, no matter what your family structure looks like, God has a plan for your home. Scripture gives instruction to us all on how to behave within our homes. The goal of this series of sermons is to help us all have homes that glorify God. 

    The 2019 Summer Series will begin on June 12

  • 2018 Summer Series - Questions Jesus Asked.

    The theme for our 2018 summer series is "Questions Jesus Asked". Jesus asked many questions in the Bible but unlike us He did not ask them because He did not know that answer. Rather, Jesus asked questions that were intended to be thought provoking. Each speaker will deal with a question Jesus asked in Scripture.

Explore our Summer Series from Previous Years