The word “deacon” simply means “servant" or "minister". There is a sense in which this description should fit all Christians. However, God has also ordered that there be a specific position in the church for deacons. These men serve the church in various ways. The men who hold the office of a deacon are servants at heart and they work diligently for the good of the church. Scripture also tells us that those who desire to be deacons must meet certain qualifications. These qualifications can be found in I Timothy 3:8-13. The Northwest church of Christ is blessed with five wonderful men who serve as our deacons. 

  • Bob Dismuke

    Bob Dismuke serves Northwest as a deacon in the areas of security and building upkeep. He also worked in the area of evangelism for many years. Bob and his wife Sharon have two daughters: Lori Bridges and Kimberly Dismuke. They have been members of Northwest for 25 years and Bob has served as a deacon for 8 years (he also served 10 years as a deacon for another congregation). Bob owns "Cache Rd. Realty & Dismuke Properties" and also "Dismuke Insurance". Bob loves to travel and particularly he enjoys cruises. Bob spent many years traveling the U.S. teaching congregations how to evangelize and how to use the Safety Chain.  He was campaign coordinator for 10 years. Northwest is blessed by his service. 

  • Todd Bridges

    Todd Bridges serves this congregation as an deacon in the area of evangelism and also as the campaign coordinator. Todd and his wife Lori have been members of Northwest for 22 years. Todd has been a deacon for 3 years. He and Lori have a son named Connor and a daughter named Anslee. Todd is a dentist and his hobbies consist of: hunting, fishing, hiking, working out with Lori, and vacationing with his family to places outside of the United States. Todd is a blessing to Northwest. 

  • Doug Embry

    Doug is a Lawton native. He worshiped for 31 years at the Cache Church of Christ. Doug is married to Tiffany. They are the proud parents of their son, Matthew. The Embry family has called Northwest home since January 2021.Doug works for a local soda company. His hobbies include watching football, playing golf and spending time with family. Doug is happy to meet new people and looks forward to welcoming new members to the Lord’s church.

  • Trace Kirkpatrick

    Trace Kirkpatrick has been a member of Northwest since 2008 and has served as a deacon since 2020.  Trace is married to Sarah and has three active boys; Nathan, Wade, and Archer.  They live in the Elgin area.  He and Sarah are both practicing veterinarians at a local clinic serving the healthcare needs of farm and companion animals.  Trace enjoys keeping up with his sons’ athletics, FFA projects, and band performances.  Trace is involved with many areas of work at Northwest and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

  • Brian Lunsford

    Brian Lunsford and his wife Holly have been part of the Northwest congregation since 2007. Brian’s main focus of service is helping men that are striving to be better husbands, fathers and stronger Christian men in the church and community through a program called “Fearless Defenders of Faith”. Brian also has a desire to help serve in other areas including our married couples, families and feeding the hungry through our meal teams. Brian and Holly live in the Elgin area where they have four children and four grandchildren. 

  • Stan Grimes

    Stan has been working with Technology applications for the church for many years. This is his principal area of work. Stan has been a member since 1997 at Northwest. He is married to Jill and is a retired Software Engineer where he worked to maintain Information Technologies for a Software Engineering lab. 

  • Jason Jolly

    Jason was born and raised in Lawton, and works as a software engineer. He is married to Toya and they have three children (Amber, Darrel, and Matthew) and three grandchildren (Noah, Matthew, and Emmalea). Jason enjoys reading, fishing, and woodworking. Jason serves in various areas of work within Northwest. 

  • Jared McCollum

    Jared McCollum has been a member of Northwest since 2014. He was born and raised here in SW Oklahoma. Jared married his wife Brandi in 2009 and has two daughters, Blakelee and Brooklyn. He has a love for Camp Lu-Jo where he has been on staff since graduating high school. Jared works at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. His hobbies include triathlon, basketball, playing pickleball with Brandi,traveling, and spending time with his girls. 

  • Stacy Windham

    Stacy is a Mississippi native that served in the Army for 15 years and ended his service in Lawton in 2008. Stacy and Felicia have been members at NW since 2020. They are both registered nurses and have five children and five grandchildren. In his free time, Stacy enjoys spending time with his family and reading.