Online Giving

Would you like to give your contribution online? You can do that by clicking the link below


  • Teacher Questionnaire

    All teachers must complete this form for review by the elders. To access, the form click HERE

  • Talent Sheet

    All members are encouraged to fill out a talent sheet. This helps us make sure everyone has an opportunity to serve in the areas that best suit them. To access, the form click HERE

  • New Christian/New Member Form

    This form is for all new christians and new members. To access, the form click HERE

  • Background Check

    For any adults who will be working with children. To access, the form click HERE

  • Building Use Guide/Request form

    Any member wishing to utilize the facilities must fill out this form for review. To access, the form click HERE

  • Clover People Member Log in

    Clover People is an application which can provide members with a means to collaborate on your ministry. This link takes you to the login page. Your will need to get a password.