PODCAST info and XML file

Subscibe to northwest podcast

Each week there are two or three sermons in audio format uploaded to this site. Catch the latest audio sermon recordings in your favorite Podcast application right in your phone. For your PC/Mac, just book mark this page to find the latest recording.  Connect your phone to your car to listen and perhaps discuss with passengers as one use. You can download them to your phone to play even if you do not have data connectivity.

NOTE: You can also catch the Video stream of the entire Worship Services, by navigating to the "Worship_online" tab of this site. Find the Facebook link to choose which services you would like to watch.


It only needs to use the XML(URL) file listed below, or you can use the QR code to the left and copy the file URL to paste into your podcast application. 

XML to connect to  PODCAST  in your favorite PODCAST app. 


Note: Many PODCAST apps will take this link to setup a subscription. There are many.  Some may not allow the use of this method,  ex: CastBox on Android does.  Check out the help section of the application to determine if you can use this link to subscribe.